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Israel to review 'peeping' rabbi's conversions

This, despite U.S. ruling Monday that all conversions performed by Freundel ‘remain halakhically valid.’

State postpones plea bargain with Rabbi Pinto

Supreme Court Deputy President Miriam Naor blasts state for letting the rabbi dictate how an investigation would proceed.

The Death of Klinghoffer - an injustice to our father

Leon Klinghoffer's murder should not be turned into a work of art; it was a deeply personal, tragic event.

Khaled Abol Naga in a scene from 'Eyes of a Thief'
Palestinian cinema comes of age with ‘Eyes of a Thief’

It was to be expected that Palestine’s 2015 Oscar nominee would draw angry responses in Israel, since its plot revolves around a terror attack. But why did it annoy some Palestinians who saw it?

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