If Bibi doesn't allow construction then his coalition will fall and there will be no talks - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 23.08.10 | 12:22 (IDT)

    I cannot stand things like friendship games I find them depressing. Everybody knows they are nothing but left wing idealist gimik. Once the games are over and everybody goes home we will all hate each other just as much as we did before the games. Better to at least be honest with ourselves we are not and probably never will be friends. As for Bibis conditions for talks he has to think about his coalition. He had to take on the hardliners in his coalition to get the current freeze and the condition of that was the settlement program starts up again once the freeze comes to an end its not an ongoing thing where it finishes and we have another freeze. If Bibi takes on his coalition partners and they decide to pull out then it means a new election and there is no way to be sure who is going to win the thing and even if Livni wins like it or not she will need most of the same people to form a coalition because thats how the system works and if she doesn't keep them happy then they will pull out of her coalition or refuse to even join her in the first place so that means nothing happens until somebody can put together a working coalition which will accept the settlement freeze and by that time the current freeze will have ended anyway. Let the building go on. Israel has already accepted in theory its only going to long term keep the major settlement blocks so if Israel builds settlements that end up inside the negotiated border of any future arab entity all that will happen is when the time comes to forcibly remove the Israelis the settlements will be demolished after leaving the arabs free to do whatever they want with the land. If Israel limits construction to Jerusalem and the settlement blocks it intends to keep then its not hurting Abbas anyway it would be no different to building homes for jews in Tel Aviv because there is no way we are going to give away Tel Aviv. If Bibis coalition colapses then there won't even be any talks. This situation is not black and white build or not build there are external factors that decide what decide the outcome such as coalitions and as long as Israel has a coalition system where small parties have a disproportionate amount of power then policies will always be coalition conditional.

    from the article: With a victory like this...
    First published 01:58 23.08.10 | Last updated 01:58 23.08.10
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