If Assad fired on Israel over the destruction of arms shipments it would be an act of suicide - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 02.06.13 | 13:52 (IDT)

    Trying to do deals with rebels doesn't work, the rebels are not an army with a chain of command they are groups some stronger than others and non of them can be trusted anyway. Israel must not allow what have been described as game changing weapons to fall into terrorist hands. We can turn away today to avoid getting into conflict with Syria now and wait for the repercussions like the day when Hezbollah use them to start a full scale war.Right now if Assad fires any missiles doesn't matter if he fires a downtown Tel Aviv or even the tiniest and most insignificant airbase the Israeli respond with about 500 fighter jets and it will lead to the end of Assad. If Assad tries to open a new front on the Golan as he has threatened to do using Hezbollah that will not be a problem because Hezbollah don't have access to their underground arms dumps and the Golan is not Lebanon, its all open country making targets easy picking for jets and tanks it will be a massacre for Hezbollah. Assad will also be held responsible if Assad uses Hezbollah to open a front on the Golan and Israel will respond and gain bomb the hell out of Syria. We do not intend to let either Assad or terrorists get game changing weapons, because the weaker our enemies are the better for us because war is not supposed to be about honour of fighting an equally matched anyway. Nobody can ever win a war against America because nobody else has the capability to take them on. In Israel we want to create a position where nobody dares take us on because they know they cant win. When your enemy is scared of you and your power they don't want to pick fights with you. Right now the civil war is great for Israel and long may it continue because our enemies are fighting each other. Rebels fighting Assad & Hezbollah, Hezbollah driving Hamas out of Lebanon and Syrian rebels are attackign Hezbollah in their Lebanese strongholds because they don't support Assad. Syrian army being splintered and weakened, the country is headed towards bankruptcy. When Assad goes the fighting will likely continue between different sects. This war has been a gift as far as Israel is concerned. If we are forced to intervene then although the fighting will end earlier than we would like it to but we will smash what the Syrians themselves have not already done.

    from the article: Israel should take Assad at his word
    First published 06:40 02.06.13 | Last updated 06:40 02.06.13
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