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    • Truth Seeker
    • 06.08.10 | 06:31 (IDT)

    Following the Mavi Marmara incident IDF, Ashkenazi and the Israeli government are justifying taking the lives of the 9 people on the ship. I may be out of line here but what was the IDF thinking when they supposedly fired at the folks on Mavi Marmara with paint guns. This type of action could lead to two types of response - flea or fight with whatever you can get your hands on. These folks and the flotilla made the whole world aware of the fact that their intention was to break the blockade. So should IDF had expected resistance? Logic says yes. It is lies when claims are made by IDF that resistance was not expected. Could IDF had easily disabled the boats? Logic says yes again. There are many ways to do this and IDF could have easily done it. Could IDF prevented show of force and the bloodshed? Logic says yes again. Aren't these elite commandos trained at non-lethal means to disable people? Or are they specifically trained to kill without thinking? This is where we need to look for answers. Perhaps IDF does not give a damn about what anyone thinks and they feel they will not be held accountable against inhumane acts. Reports of several of the victims being shot on the head are there although it is hard to tell if this is an absolute fact. Can this be true? Hardly. If that was the case, government had already acted upon this. So, it all goes beyond the IDF. All involved in this inhumane and cowardly act of killing 9 people on this protest mission must be brought to justice. Those that have pulled the trigger, those that have ordered the raid and those that have approved of these actions and ignored other options to spare human lives. Israel calls these people terrorists but it seems the IDF was indeed the one terrorizing and brutalizing in this instance. Let the world see who was behind these acts and swiftly bring them to justice under international laws.

    from the article: Member of IDF panel probing Gaza flotilla raid: Army to blame, not government
    First published 02:37 05.08.10 | Last updated 02:37 05.08.10
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