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    • Danite
    • 14.12.05 | 01:34 (IST)

    I said Saddam was Hitlerian, which in the common use of the term refers to some one who has a level of aggressivity war mongering brutality that includes two unprovoked wars mass murders and gassings andthe methods of torture I described,all amounting to an inhuman brute in the extreme, ergo Hitlerian.Or if you prefer Stalinist it amounts to the same thing, stalin was Saddams hero and very much modeled himself on Stalin, so Stalinist works for me.As I said I am well aware that this war hadnothing to do with "Iraqi freedom" etc etc.I would say that however at the time their was good reason to believe he was not as innocent as he claimed to be.Also Saddam Hussein was a ticking time bomb that was out to rehabilitate himself and make more trouble no doubt and his general existance was baneful including giving 10000 dollars to famillies of suicide bombers.Now there are many regimes in the world that are similar to Saddams and all these things in and of themselves technicaly did not justify an invasion of an independant state.I am was and am now ambivalent about the whole thing.However now that it is done I would say that it is good that Saddam is gone and we can free of having to spend the next 20 years concerning ourselves about what that freak monster was going to get up to.No doubt the Kurds are overjoyed at the fact that the US invaded but then again the Liberation of the Kurds and their right to self determination is not on any Arabs agenda of things "to do", the fact that millions of Iranians and Iraqis died in his unprovoked war against Iran is par for the course as well, because what counts is supporting Arab regimes against the west and especially "Zionist " dominated America is priority number one.Like I have often said the human rights narrative begins and ends with Israel for most Arabs.Of course you compare Israel with the Gestapo thats to be expected you leave out a few little details like the repeated attempts of the Arabs to ethnicaly cleanse Israel of its Jews but I know Arabs are in TOTAL denial about that as they must be or else their entire understanding of themselves and the world will come crashing dwn around their ears.So yes Saddam was a Stalinist in the true sense of the term even using his terror methods like to impress the population that he was serious he grabbed the first and most easily expendable people he could find, ie Iraqi Jews claimed they were "Zionist spies"( what would Arabs have done without Israel to justify your manias?) and hung themin the public square in Bahgdad.You may excuse Saddam all you want, for me he is like Milosovich who also desrved the beating he got for the Hitlerian policies he followed.I would lump him in the same category and he was doing that to Muslims remember? I guess you were against that intervention as well? Because what really counts is to hamstring the US in world affairs isnt it?Hope that clears it up for you as it does me, Regards.

    from the article: Ahmadinejad can continue to smile while the world argues
    First published 00:00 13.12.05 | Last updated 00:00 13.12.05
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