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    • Michael
    • 17.06.05 | 00:37 (IDT)

    Define "useful." Is there something like that in current situation? Well, let's see... you want Israel to take steps, before palestinians. They are already going away from Gaza, and next you obviously want West Bank. OK, lets assume they did it - then what? Terrorists would do their best to make it look like their victory, and palestinian authority would still have that same old job to try to put them in order. However, if they managed to make withdrawal look like their victory, their support among population would be higher, and therefore, task would be harder for palestinian authority. If they fail, it is even higher risk to Israel and in the end, peace would collapse. And here we would be, having this same conversation again and trying to find some "logical steps" while waiting for undefined amount of time for palestinians to change... you think it would be a good idea, yes? Well, I don't. You seem to forget, that Israel has right to defend itself and protect it's citizens. You are mostly victim of your own militants and your own stubborness. If you cannot live in peace and do anything at all to make things even little better, don't be suprised that the others won't do anything for you either. It is useless to whine about restrictions ang tight security, when you won't do anything at all to change the situation so that there is no need for that kind of action. But no, you rather call others "town bullies..." You may get tired of my opinions, but frankly, I can say same thing on yours. However, if you are so sure of them, shouldn't you have something concrete to back them up, instead of making up excuses that don't even answer the issue directly? And I think you are not the person to make any judgement on my moderation or anything like that. If I don't share that same overly optimist view on everything and believe everything without questioning or proof, that doesn't make me extremist. You may betray yourself with hopeless optimism and sweet promises as much as you want to, but don't expect anyone else to do the same.

    from the article: Foreign Ministry protests EU contacts with Hamas officials
    First published 00:00 16.06.05 | Last updated 00:00 16.06.05
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Palestinian Hamas militants march in front of a mock burnt Israeli bus during an anti-Israel rally
Tensions in Gaza are rising as Israel gains edge over Hamas tunnels

Hamas is under pressure twice over, from both the worsening domestic situation in the Strip and the militant organization potentially losing its main threat against Israel.

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Border police photographed at Qalandiyah shortly after last week's two deadly shootings.
Palestinian father tries to make sense of two offspring killed in Qalandiyah

'Let's say she had a knife even if she had a cannon – why couldn't they shoot her in the legs? And why did they shoot her brother? Why did they kill them both?,' dad of slain 16 and 26 year old says.

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Amjed Hussain and Nicola Sturgeon at the Scottish National Party's election manifesto launch.
Scottish National Party suspends party activist over anti-Israel Facebook posts

Amjed Hussain reportedly shared Facebook posts claiming the Mossad was responsible for the 9/11 attacks and linking ISIS to Israel.

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Women's protest in Jerusalem - Michal Fattal - December 23 2011
Controversy rages over Orthodox edict against female singers at memorial ceremonies

Women increasingly told they cannot sing at public events in order not to insult religious sensibilities.

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