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    • Warmonger
    • 17.11.10 | 11:50 (IST)

    Something most Israelis have missed, is that the times have changed, and the reality of today has nothing to do with the reality of past generations; this is primarily due to TECHNOLOGY. This is to say that the types of hitlerian or stalinian facist regimes of the past are actually no longer a possibility in the 21st century. Back in those days, the people did not even have TV's, the vast majority of people passed their days actually doing physical activity all day long all the time, ... if they disagreed with something, they would either act (physically) upon it, or not, but there was no easy communication, and intellectuality was not a mode of action. But now, everything has changed, communication has revolutionized the world, and the most important aspect of this facet of life, is that there cannot be anymore secrets ( at least on a macro level ), everyone has state of the art communication devices at their fingertips and information travels at the speed of light. Even if you block the information by force, it will be known that the information was blocked, and people will be able to deduce the truth. One absolutely MAJOR DIFFERENCE between today and 20 years ago ( i am talking about america and europe ) is that 20 years ago, violence was omnipresent in people's everyday life; from conjugal violence, to criminality, to mr. Average Joe, just "settling his problems" thru violence. This is no longer today's reality; if mr. Average Joe uses violence either to "settle his problems", or to impose his will on his "loved one", he will go to jail, and with communication media at everyone's fingertip, chance are that person will be caught instantly. Even if the person doesn't have face the justice system, no one will want to be their friends anymore anyways. Anyways I havn't gone thru all the aspects of this issue, but I think that those who don't "get it " should look at the young jews of the diaspora, and ask yourself what is so different about them; why is it that most of them feel completely alien to those issues that are so deer to other peoples hearts. What does this have to do with the article? 21st century fascism is very different that 20th century fascism, but that is just due to the different nature of the actual reality; in relative terms the new fascism is not less horrible even if it is less "physical".

    from the article: More than a few fringe extremists threaten Israeli democracy
    First published 01:28 17.11.10 | Last updated 01:28 17.11.10
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