I'm not sure if the editorial writer understands the problem surrounding the NGOs. You see - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • John
    • 13.06.11 | 11:01 (IDT)

    human rights is an issue dire to everyone; therefore, a team that has within its name "human rights", automatically becomes a group fighting for humanity; thus, it becomes horrific to attack them or stop their funding. Moreover, perhaps, the ideal mission of those organizations is truly to better human lives. Not so is reality about a sizable portion of people working within the Israeli NGOs. Too many attracted to these organizations, some I know firsthand because they told me openly about their motives, are (put it one way or another) Israeli haters. Their motive is not to get Israel a better and more humanistic country. Rather, they want an end to Israel. Be it that the reason they want an end to Israel is because they believe there will never be peace; be it because they believe that Jews had no right to ever enter a land that was not theirs; be it because they believe that Jews are the biggest obstacle to mid-east stability; be it because they are Anti-Semites; be it because they are a depressed bunch- life personally is not going the way they want and have become so knee deep in the Israeli subject that now all has become Israel's fault (to quote a friend of mine working there "I can't stop for a minute. Whatever I look at, I see Israel and its wrong."); be it that they have learned in school a state of euphoria that hardly mimics reality. Be it that they suffer from the Stockholm syndrome. Be it that they are from the <5% right and wrong minded people who upon believing something is wrong, all emotions are out the window (let millions die. I’m right!); be it that they graduated in the arts and need on their resume a fighting-for-a-cause which actually pays a salary and are too weak to go to Sudan or real places, so they choose Israel -a place they know they are safe and pretend they are fighting for a cause; be it that they truly feel the Palestinian plight and the other side has hence dimmed completely, be it that within the NGOs a mix of the above exists, why should Israel support groups in which the loud and a sizable portion will do anything to delegitimize it? Unfortunately, the NGOs are a hatch patch of people fifty percent of who don’t try to improve humanity within Israel but to rather rid Israel. Hence, Israel should stop fund them.

    from the article: Legislation against human rights groups is political persecution
    First published 03:56 13.06.11 | Last updated 03:56 13.06.11
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