I'm fully prepared to become an Israeli citizen living in the West Bank - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Rami
    • 22.07.11 | 10:37 (IDT)

    But I demand the following as an Israeli citizen: 1) No more white plates for Palestinians and Yellow Plates for Israelis. Freedom of movement and travel inside and beyond the green line. This also means that West Bankers will now be able to fly out of Ben Gurion Airport. 2) No more Hawiyehs (Palestinian IDs) we're all equal now. I want the same ID as Israeli Jews. 3) We'll pay taxes but we demand full representation by local and national politicians and all rights as equal citizens of Israel including the ability to run for elections and join political organizations that represent our interests as members of the state. 4) Full support of law enforcement – protect and serve ALL CITIZENS, not just Jews. 5) Our towns require trash removal, fire departments, public transportation, road repairs, lights, signs, etc. 5) Palestinian Politicians in the Knesset with ability to suggest, pass, veto laws, run in public elections and participate in debates, democratic processes, etc. 6) Adoption of the Palestinian history as part of the origin of Israel. This means acknowledge the existence of Palestinians in the new state of Israel. You can’t forge a new future without acknowledging the past. 7) An end to the term "A Jewish State" because it is no longer so. Israel is either Democratic or Jewish. It can’t be both. 8) End to racist laws - One legal system for Jews and Arabs. No Military courts for West Bank and Civil courts for Israelis. One court system for all citizens. 9) State Rabbis? Fine but we also want State Priests and State Sheikhs too otherwise State secularism. Separate Government and Religion but respect and protect religious freedom for all people. 10) No more checkpoints. Now that we’re citizens we have the freedom to travel anywhere and everywhere within the state…unrestricted as long as we don’t break any laws. 11) The government must rehabilitate our sewage systems, our water networks, our communication lines and our access to electrical power. 12) Now that Settlements are no longer settlements and are just neighboring towns, we should have the right to travel freely into and through them. 13) All academic and cultural institutions must be accommodating to ALL citizens. 14) Equal pay/equal employment rights for all citizens. 15) We want to be included in Israel’s national healthcare system. 16) Open access to waterways, borders, beaches, etc.

    from the article: IDF Civil Administration pushing for land takeover in West Bank
    First published 02:21 22.07.11 | Last updated 02:21 22.07.11
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