I hope social justice campaigners dont mind rockets falling on their heads - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • zionist forever
    • 26.09.11 | 19:38 (IDT)

    The region is more unstable now than it has been in decades and the defense budget is being slashed. Egypt is growing in its hostility towards Israel anyway and the Muslim Brotherhood may soon be running the country and there is a good chance they will tear up the peace treaty. Iran is a bigger threat than ever, Hamas & Hezbullah will soon have rockets which can hit downtown Tel Aviv and then there is Erdogan who seems to be desperate for a war with Israel show Turkey is top dog. This will of course just be the begining if Labor win the next election, their new leader was once a supporter of the communist party and she is a die hard socialist with her in charge the military will be operating on a shoestring budget. One of the reasons Lebanon was such a disaster was because the military had been cut just about every year for over a decade to finance politically popular projects. I hope Trajtenberg and the rest of the social justice campaigners don't live in the range of Hamas rockets because cut the budget & the IDF won't be able to fund more Iron Dome batteries so they won't have any right to moan when their homes are hit. Housing reforms, anti trust legislation and REASONABLE tax increases are fine but the rich must not be treated as criminals the way the protestors have been. Those evil tycoons who can afford to spend in 1 day more than the average person earns in a year are some of the best and brightest businessmen and women in the country and should be praised anc congratulated for their success rather than treated like criminals. If there is a gap between rich and poor thats not a sign of social injustice its a sign of a developed world economy where it is possible for people to get rich if they work hard unlike the bad old days which the socialists see as the countries golden age when the government owned everything and nothing worked well, taxes were very high so it could all be funded but we were all poor and it was physically impossible for anybody to reach the top so we were all equal. Today there are rich and poor as in all developed economies. If the people want more influence in the political system then the solution is change it. Get rid of coalition government lets have about 3 mainstream parties where MKS are elected directly rather than chosen by the party and the party with the most seats will run the country alone for a fixed ammount of time. Coalition government leads to bad and corrupt government based on pay political payoffs, it wastes billlions and its unstable which is why we have an election on average every 2.5 years and each election cost milions in taxpayer money to finace. The money you would save from getting rid of coalition government would be enough to give the IDF a very big budget increase.

    from the article: Israel's social security is as important as its military might, economic panel says
    First published 18:35 26.09.11 | Last updated 18:35 26.09.11
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