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Kamal al-Labwani visiting Syrian patients in Safed. September 18, 2014
Should Israel get involved in the war in Syria?

Syrian opposition figure gambles on a peace mission that includes an unusual trip to Israel.

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Israel to return to truce talks as terror threats loom

Israeli officials estimate Hamas won't risk another bout, but many variables could play into that equation; and don't forget Iran and Hezbollah still have a score to settle with the 'Zionists.'

A quixotic fight against a 'temporary' occupation

Security and human rights aren't mutually exclusive, says new chief of Israeli organization.

Can a neurotic young New Yorker teach you about life?

Writer, actor and producer Lena Dunham bares all in a memoir/self-help guide for which she received a $3.5 million dollar advance at the tender age of 26.