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    • zionist forever
    • 15.11.11 | 17:02 (IST)

    So Bibi is disliked overseas name me an Israeli PM thats really ever been liked, sure some have their moments of popularity but at the end of the day the west doesn't like any Israeli politicians and despises them all. Begin's decision to bomb the Iraqi reactor in 1981 being connected to the decision to make peace with Egypt so he could have diplomatic cover when he decided to bomb Sadams reactor is an interesting one especially considering talks began in 1977 but Saddam Hussain didn't come to power till 1979. I also really cannot see Begin thinking to himself now if I start talking peace with Egypt now then in 1981. The idea that Iran's nuclear program led Rabin to the peace process in 1992, wow that must have made Rabin the greatest prophet since Moses because it wasn't for another 10 years that Iran even started building any nuclear sites. Oh and lets not forget that the peace process began with the Madrid Conference in 1991 which led to the Decleration of Principles and it was Yithak Shamir who was PM at that time not Rabin so it must have been Shamir who was the prophet that decided to make peace with palestinians to stop Iran's nuclear program. Oh please can you explain to silly old me how peace with the palestinians is going to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions? Last time I looked the Iranians were not even arabs let alone wanting nukes because there is no peace between Israel and the palestinians. Chamberlin was the appeaser whilst Churchill was the one willing to do whatever it takes to protect England just the way Bibi & Begin were willing to protect Israel and not try and appease the enemies. The Supreme Court issue may not be the right move but name me a politician in the history of the world thats never made some bad legislation? I suppose its also Bibi's fault that Israel doesn't have a constitution? Where is the evidence that Bibi plans to stop arab parties standing at elections or limit voting to Jews, I am sure we would all love to see it if it exists. I am afraid there is also a problem of the idea of toppling Bibi now and thats the public have no say in the matter, Bib decides the election date not the general public and so if you want to topple him its going to have to be when he decides he wants to hold an election not before so calling for the public to topple Bibi now I am afraid wont work. Short of something totally unexpected happening I imagine Bibi will probably be PM for around another year.

    from the article: Israel must topple Netanyahu before it's too late
    First published 03:09 15.11.11 | Last updated 03:09 15.11.11
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