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    • Aliza
    • 08.09.13 | 13:27 (IDT)

    The intervention in Syria will only bring the USA and Iran on a collision course on the Syrian soil and tighten the relations betw. the West and Iran .... to a breaking point at its worst and make military confrontation probable against Iran, which the intl.community hardly wants. The USA 'ld get this: we only want to get rid of Iran's nuclear arms, which constitute a threat to global peace, but we want to do it without a mayhem. USA's military confrontation with Iran or any "message" she wants to send to Iran through her planned intervention in Syria 'll only hasten Iran to finish her nuclear programme quicker than she has planned - out of the necessity of the changed situation under US-threat and G-d forbid, if the USA glided into a war with Iran, Iran 'd use her nuclear arms, I have absolutely no doubt about that..... considering the interview Ayatollah Khomeini gave to a French magazine "Le Point" on March 12, 1984 in its number 599, pp. 89-99. In it Khomeini says that "the existential purpose of Islamic Iran" is "to export Islamic revolution" everywhere and direct quote: "to engulf the world in crises". The USA is playing directly into the Iranians' hands!!!!! - HELLO! - We must be smarter than that and I hope that Israel hammers some sense to the tough skulls of the impulssive Americans. We have to keep focused and not to mix the Syrian situation with Iran's nuclear programme, which HAS TO BE DEALT WITH SEPARATELY. Then also full concentration and attention can be invested in removing the Iranian deterrance, which will quarantee success. Creating chaos and confusion as the USA is planning to do will NOT lead to desired outcomes. ----- Now that even the Syrian rebels reject USA's intervention yet the USA insists stubbornly to intervene anyway, will worsen and prolong the war in Syria. It may just happen that both the Assad's military and the rebels will start fighting the USA, for she, we may not forget is their common enemy, an "infidel", who has no right to interfere in the war of the Muslims, who regard themselves as the "superior" people and the USA' s intervention will be interpreted as an offense to their honor. That if anything will turn them on against the USA's arrogance. You do NOT deal with the Muslims the same as with the rest of mankind, USA, for the simple reason that we do NOT share the same moral concepts, but the Muslims have to be dealt with as "aliens from another Planet , from a distant galaxy"! Therefore I find it absolutely shocking to notice that the USA has no strategy nor cultural knowhow whatsoever to know how to deal with the Muslim world and therefore NO COMPETENCE to deal with the ME-issues at all, therefore the USA 'ld be kept away from the ME.. Realizing this TRUTH sends shivers down my spine.

    from the article: Former CIA chief Petraeus: Military action in Syria necessary to deter Iran
    First published 23:31 07.09.13 | Last updated 23:31 07.09.13
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