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Israel hopeful Qatar-Egypt thaw will restrain Hamas

Based on indirect messages Hamas has been sending in recent days, Israeli defense establishment believes organization’s leadership remains firmly opposed to any flareup.

When a 'good Arab' woos Israeli right-wingers

Anett Haskia, who calls herself an 'Arab Muslim Zionist,' is vying for a slot on Habayit Hayehudi’s Knesset slate. So how did she fare last week at a party gathering in a West Bank settlement?

Israeli 2015 stock picks: Exporters, cellphones

Ori Licht, head of sell-side research at IBI, looks at the challenges investors face in the coming year – everything from Russia to food reform.

Egypt’s right: 'Exodus' is all wrong

Egypt may be right, but that’s no reason to ban Ridley Scott's movie.