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    • zionist forever
    • 08.08.10 | 21:12 (IDT)

    The business with the foreign children was handled wrong not because we are talking about deporting the children of ILLEGALS but because we focused on children not the adults who are the children. We need to get rid of every illegal with or without children. Citizenship laws all countries have them. The bedouin village that was built illegally in state land ( not bedouin private property ) and the independent courts decided to give the order to demolish that, the arab convicted of rape again its the courts in court there are winners and losers and the loser and their supporters always feel the judgement wasn't fair. Gideon should the court system be changed whenever they rule against an arab? The Law of Return yeas it does discriminate based on the grounds of religion but as Israel is a jewish state it discriminates in favor of jews with things like immigration. The UN was under no illusion in 1947 when they voted in favor of creating Israel the country didn't become something it was never intended to be. This is what we chose to be. What its wrong with the concept of a jewish state are there no other states which have a national faith and in some area like immigration discriminates in favor of people of that faith why should jews be different? Is it wrong to want just 1 jewish state? You of course need to have things like conversion laws on how you define an acceptable conversion if your going to give somebody the right to come live here especially considering all the financial benefits that are given to olim. The fact that some secular jews who have never really cared about the concept of a jewish state or because non jews abroad think that there is no need for a jewish state does that mean there is no need for it? Is there is need for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan why did the muslims in India need to divide the country so they could create an islamic state of their own? Whats with the guilt trip of jews wanting something that others have? If its not a jewish state then there is no reason at all for Israel to exist. It was created to be a jewish state not a secular state for all. Whats wrong with being selfish and wanting just 1 state for jews, why should we give up what we would like to have to appease others because us being selfish isn't fair on them.

    from the article: Missing the forest
    First published 01:17 08.08.10 | Last updated 01:17 08.08.10
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