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    • Israeli
    • 23.09.11 | 11:49 (IDT)

    To say that Netanyahu is the blame that there is no peace is nonsence. Rabin couldnt pull it off, Peres didn't, Barak didn't, Sharon didn't, and Olmert didnt. All were willing to give more than Netanyahu. The reason that the west bank is so flourighing today (in compaisant) is that we do want peacful life, and they decided that they would achieve their goals with no violence. But let us not forget Hamas and Gazza. Hamas would rule the Palestinal new state for sure. Israel would be glad that there would be a real state, indipendent, that is not getting our money, electric, water and security, and will bear the consequences of every citizen lives in it that would decide to throw a rocket over us. We will be glad. We do not want to rule Palestinians. We are hoping that they would be different and advanced and democratic, and peaceful and indipenent. But that is not the case. Netanyahu is not to be blamed. Clinton is right about the Isrealis that came from former USSR, but it is not the real barrier. The real barrier for peace is the Arab nations and Arab people. You can see what is going on in Egypt and Syria, and Iran. This is the state of the Arabs. We hold in greate respect Arab people. We do not hate them. Arab history brought us algebra, and music and more. But they are in a poor state today. Yes, the palestian current government is the best there was, and yes, maybe Netanyahu could do more, but the fact is that the Palestian needs to do much more in order to be trustworthy and to be indipendant. In all history they've always chosen war and povery over peace and flurishing. Israel always seaks for peace and security and always wants things to become more calm. Our goal is never to suppress and conquer. Netanyahu is not to blamed of all the inadequates that were there to begin with. I didn't vote for him, I wish Olmert was in his place, but I'm sure Netanyahu is doing the most he can for the well being of Israel. And anyone who blames Israel for not seeking peace is really seeks for war that we never wants. We have much to lose than any other neighbour leaders that has the misconcept that they would gain from war.

    from the article: Bill Clinton: Netanyahu isn't interested in Mideast peace deal
    First published 09:50 23.09.11 | Last updated 09:50 23.09.11
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