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    • roger dale wallace
    • 12.09.09 | 03:49 (IDT)

    - - - - I am the lord of Hosts, I do declare these things, heavenly forever, as being eternally true, as it shall always be true, as true of me (god), as forever certain -- forever, saith god -- HOLY FOREVER. Updated and revised today 9-11-2009AD . Hear the word of the lord O Israel E-782-RW - W / 20 vs. 1 As concerning Israel making agreements with foreign nationalities who are found living on Israeli biblical land. - 2 Have ya O Israel, not heard, thou shalt make no agreements with those foreign nations who are found forever on Israeli biblical land? - 3 Ye shall make no agreements with them, least I (god) punish thee (Israel). And ye (Israel) shall go and obtain all land that is found according to my (god) historical oath with you (Israel). - 4 Even as it is found recorded between me (god) and Abraham thy fore father, eternally forever and ever seen, sath god -- HOLY FOREVER. - 5 Remember, make no covenants, nor agreements with them (the heathen), least I (god) turn upon thee (Israel) and smite thee (Israel) with my (god) hand, as thou (Israel) art found: - 6 ?As found unto me (god) as being disobedient to me (god) in regards as being found sinful against our agreement?. That agreement is made between me (god) and thee (Israel). And is found through Abraham thy fore father as being eternally forever and ever seen -- of me forever. - 7 If, thou (Israel) shalt make such unrepentiful true sinfulness against me (god)), as it would be found forever in making covenants against my (god) eternal seen promise that I have forever with Abraham thy fore father. - 8 Then, those that would desire thy (Israel) death and true destruction. They (the heathen) shall snare thee (Israel) and chase thee (Israel) and remove thee (Israel) in parts of thy land, until: Thou (Israel) can?t run and hide from my (god) oath, any longer and forever. - 9 And then, thou O Israel. Thou shalt turn unto me (god) with all of thy seen to me (god), true heart, forever. And I (god) will, set thee, then forever, - 10 As forever set into all of thy (Israel) biblical true land of promise, that is found unto thee (Israel) from me eternally forever. - 11 And that faithful true promise of me forever. It is found unto thee forever, as it is given of me (god) unto you (Israel), eternally forever and ever seen, and true, forever. - 12 Therefore, ye (Israel) shall not break my (god) word, as it is found recorded in the christian bible, as being Exodus 23:32. - - 13 - 14 - 15 23:32 Thou shalt make no covenant with them, nor with their gods. - 16 23:33 They shall not dwell in thy land, lest they make thee sin against me: for if thou serve their gods, it will surely be a snare unto thee. - - 17 Those things, O Israel. They are eternally found true, as true between me (god) and thee (Israel), forever kind. And they are true, as I (god) have declared them true unto thee (Israel), forever. - 18 And those kindly things, that are spoken of old and of now. All of those things, they are all spoken unto thee, and are spoken even unto thee, in this generation, and forever. - 19 And I (god) do declare those things forever, as being eternally true as I am true forever, as saith me (god), eternally forever and ever kind. -- ------------- 20 E-782RW 9-10-2009AD / roger Wallace author / roger dale Wallace author / Washington post / haaretz / wordpress / blogger / end time prophecy / prophecy / Christianity / a prophecy for pope Benedict XVI / oral Roberts / benny hinn / Infolive / ynet / The judgment of the nations by roger dale Wallace / The god of truth by roger dale Wallace / thevillagecarpenter.info / The god of truth ISBN 978-1-60585-521-9 - - - -

    from the article: Lebanese report Israeli phone threats following Katyusha fire
    First published 16:18 11.09.09 | Last updated 15:03 12.09.09
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