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    • zionist forever
    • 03.07.13 | 18:15 (IDT)

    I have always felt a biometric database would be a dream for organized crime and terror. We have seen plenty of what we thought were secure systems being hacked in the last couple of years and Israeli politicians & generals have a nasty habit of leaving classified documents in the back of taxis. A biometric database would be very expensive and complicated once in full operation because it means you need a passport or ID card no longer a matter of just filling in some forms and a picture now you will have to go to the Misrad Hapanim use their special and expensive machines check your who you say you are etc. The ID cards most certainly need to be replaced because any decent forger can make one of those oversized laminated papers and if they are older or have taken a beating over time the edge opens and the picture falls so easy to replace somebody else card with your on. What we should do is adopt chip and pin technology used in many European credit cards where the plastic card has a chip with your info stored on it and you enter a pin code for your financial details. We can have a chip and pin card with your details on it for police and the card itself can be a plastic card like a driver licence for just first glance but in places where you need more factual stuff you enter your code and they can get the details. The chip & pin technology has been around for over a decade now so no experimenting with expensive new technology. The card readers are now pretty small so the police could easily have one in the car. That way you get the benefits of something more secure that the current rubbish but the technlogy is proven, easy and cheap to set up and more security features can be added. If you loose your card no need to go to the Misrad Hapanim play around with biometric systems instead just like a lost credit card you phone up say card has been lost and they will send out a new one based on the information on the database which would not hold so much informstion to steal IDs the way a biometric one doe.Would also be nice if they made it the same size as a credit card so you can easily carry your ID card around without having to carry it as a seperate item because its way to big for a wallet. So new ID cards need but no need to mess about with passports because they are already secure. This whole biometric system will cost a fortune, it will be complcated once in full operatonal use ( not just trial ) and it will be the target of terrorists worldwide;

    from the article: Labor Party wants to nix Israel's planned biometric database
    First published 17:01 03.07.13 | Last updated 17:01 03.07.13
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