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    • Karoon
    • 09.02.12 | 20:08 (IST)

    Okay I was flipping channels last night and Star Gate was on the original episode. The royals are surrounded by people who give their lives wilingly for the life of the royal to be kept lit. I am concerned that maybe the running crowds are the human shielding. Which Americans would not understand. There was a plant explosion when I was little on the road from Israel to Iran. The entire neighborhood ran around me and my biological family. I sat there in shock as a baby not understanding about 7 years old. They human shielded us with their very lives. I try and always pay them back for that with goodness. It is normal behavior. I am wondering with some of the marches in Eygpt are you human shielding the royals there as well. That is a Mazoric practise which is MIddle Eastern and African and Amalonic Bahahavri Norlati Amacoo Devancali Nordose Becauwewia Delantizia Maframoree Grtertiuitica. I think this is important as a custom. This is why we never ever hurt the human shield they may be protecting an infant not some giant man. Do you understand now... Thank you for your kindness as people. A military man was also screaming at me at an airport you this and that think your good enough to be a General Karen Jones. I said I am a Colonel in IDF and I am a royal but I am not a General in the USA military. That man is in his 50's I believe or late 40s and has been in Afghanistan I met him once. You need to realize in his jealousy I think he just cost himself his job. He said he was going to kill our all I loved. I thought well if you have been doing this to that General they raided his offices and took all his intel they were so much better than he. He is a man in the US Army. A jealous person. I am a Colonel in the IDF, Impetuean Military and in French Military I crossed over to. I train liason with KGB, NCB, CIA, IMF, ODK. You have to understand what the world is about. Interpol with human trafficking take downs, UN Jurisdictional for human trafficking take downs and they cross with blood diamond trails. I own a yellow diamond mine which is used for drill bits and oil pike shafts, and we have a thief but he too cute and we see how he keeps trying with the drill bit kind. We even encourage him sometimes. I did do collateral review inspections with the USA from the other side over. I am concerned for this mans family. He is a good man. I wonder if he is related to my dad who raised me out of Tennessee and Kentucky. Wonderful farming people and I believe in agriculture. Karoon Laphavi Empress Kiaini Aganemnon Karen Marie 6366 02/06/1970

    from the article: Assad forces mull use of chemical weapons in Homs, opposition says
    First published 17:20 09.02.12 | Last updated 17:20 09.02.12
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