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    • Danite
    • 19.09.05 | 18:04 (IDT)

    I was expecting trouble over my post! Of course I like our discussions Ibrahim what do you think? Ibrahim both peoples are vexed and disturbed by this ongoing conflict that only produces tradgedy after tradgedy. I am not in favour of carte blance violence against Arabs Israel must follow the norms of Law, I said so in my post that their descision is not acceptable. I know it was sponteaneous but it had the look at the beggining of a coordineted internal intifadh which should dealt with severly if that had been the case. really Ibrahim Jews standing at Abu Lafia in Jaffa buying pizza with Zaatar had their heads split open with rocks, many Arabs in Jaffa freaked out at the damage that did to the economy of the area Jews stayed away for months.I am sorry Ibrahim fo your own guys good you must take control of the impulse to Zak na Bout at the drop of a hat.Israelis though powerful vis a vis you guys are a minority in the ME with a large arab minority they are anxious too, and this stuff freaks the s..t out of them. I have called on many occasions for the violent settlers to be removed from Hebron NOW they are total maniacs, if they can live like people then get out. I have attacked on many occasions the lawlessness of some settlers, Ibrahim do you remeber the contents of posts before you ask questions that I have already answered you 100 times over? Iftach Eineick Ya Habibi! This conflict is alosers game all around if this is the best that can be done then all deserve their misery, either both sides start acting like winners and find success or this conflict will drone on like an old country song about wine and cheating women. Instead of hiding from the reality of their own faults in the faults of others and trying to reinvent the wheel either they will act like winners and get somewhere in life or they will act like losers and deal with the results. I am sure you agree with that? Regards Ibrahim but I do find your comments to your phony progressive buddies at variance with my image of you as a progressive intelligent person, I know your intentions are good and are you are no doubt a fine man in person but may I respectfuly suggest a little reading? Of course you progressive buddies might be shocked at the material but then again we do have the freedom to read what we want dont we? The Danite!

    from the article: No officers to face charges for October riots as ministry closes investigations
    First published 00:00 19.09.05 | Last updated 00:00 19.09.05
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