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    • 16.01.07 | 21:58 (IST)

    The juridical and political situation in Israel has been burdened by the latest decision of the Attorney General to start a criminal investigation into Bank Leumi action of PM Olmert. This at a time when the Lebanon / Hezbollah investigation headed by Judge Winograd has to present its findings in a few weeks, if State Comptroller is preparing another report about Olmert?s government. This after a polling in Israel resulted in 85% voters calling Israel?s government corrupt. Furthermore it seems that additional criminal investigation within the top Israel echelon are to be started in addition to the already ongoing ones. Through media is informed of IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz commissioned over 50 military investigation concerning Lebanon/ Hezbollah. Non of these resulted in positive or neutral findings. Chief of Staff admitted ?mistakes on every level and declared that the lessons have / will be learned, and a ?repairing program is already functioning!.? - The public, media were fed off with report of one day?s lecture / particulars in an IDF top officer?s meeting and nothing further became known. - This when a very considerable part of Israelis still labors under the trauma in addition to losses of people, injuries etc. The Accountant General came out with a declaration of large sector corruption in Israel, which resulted him being protected by personal body guard after personal as well as to his family threats. The Attorney General suspended himself in the investigation case of PM Olmert as his government employed lawyer sister was actively involved in the preparation of sale. - Olmert already battered PM by his sinking popularity former court cases etc is facing possible further accusations by the Winograd Committee report and an additional ongoing State Comptroller investigations. - Under this circumstances it may become more than questionable if PM Olmert can continue to fulfill his position as Prime Minister. Whether possible suspension can be thought of under prevailing circumstances or even a resignation ? which would cause general election - or a politically on party lines exchange of the Prime Minister i.e. somebody else than Olmert. This was already ventilated publicly irrespective of its additional legal question. In addition the so far secretly carried out investigations by the Winograd Commission added to the existing complete in- information about military, politically, economically happenings concerning of Lebanon/ Hezbollah. ?The Israeli/ voter/ soldier/ citizen is entitle to be fully informed about all the ?mishaps happened in this connection. Consequently a way out maybe, Israel?s High Court to be approached into different issues namely, issue number one:- PM Olmert?s ability to fully function as Prime Minister under this circumstances or to be suspended fully. Secondly overriding already existing cabinet decisions concerning full publication of existing and to be issued investigation reports with military security censored restriction. MAY THE HIGH COURT DECISION HELP TO RESTORE NECESSARY CONFIDENCE IN ISRAEL? S GOVERNMENT.

    from the article: PM to face criminal investigation over Bank Leumi sale affair
    First published 00:00 16.01.07 | Last updated 00:00 16.01.07
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