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    • Rammer
    • 21.05.11 | 00:52 (IDT)

    Having been slammed by everybody, including Clinton, for suggesting an interim solution, Netanyahu painted himself into another corner by falling back on last century’s proposal by the other Clinton. The problem with Netanyahu is not that he is so far behind the curve; it is that he is hamstrung by grass-root Israeli refusal to hand back occupied land and dismantle settlements. The main object of politicians is to grab power and hold on to it, and any Israeli politician who is seen to waver on this most important grassroot sentiment faces political demise. That is why there is no alternative to Netanyahu – you can’t tell them apart even under the microscope, and Obama may as well learn to live with this one. Let’s tick them off: Barrak is putting up a great show of realism by warning of the terrible difficulties ahead, but his creative thinking goes no further beyond reiterating that Israel needs to submits a peace plan that recaptures the initiative. Even in his rambling interview with the Los Angeles Times on May 19, he has not breathed a single word about what this plan might be. His only contribution was that Israel’s proposal should be “genuine” so that the onus of failure would be “on the other side's shoulders,” which has always been the motive of all Israeli proposals. Levni is also trying to step up with fresh ideas that, according to her, Netanyahu does not dare adopt. "It is time to decide what Israel's borders are, and this prime minister can't," she declared in the Kenesset without precising them. Herzog is the only one who has dared mention 1967, but the date for him is a starting point of the negotiations, not their ultimate end. The bottom line is that the entire stream of Israeli official thinking flows into Bill Clinton’s still-born proposals of last century (actually the brain-child of Denis Ross). Meantime Palestine’s acceptance in the UN will carry with it the corollary of BDS. If the European Union finally commits itself to sponsoring Palestine’s membership of the UN in the fall, it will do so with the full realization that the next step would have to be BDS. If Europe is not willing to practice BDS, it will not support Palestine’s entry into the UN; and the fact that Europe increasingly seems moving to adopting the drive for UN membership is an indication that Europe will readily slap BDS. So Barrack is right. Israel should urgently submit a viable proposal, because by September-October the time for proposals would be over. Once Palestine enters the UN (which will be immediately followed by her election to the Security Council) the only thing left to negotiate would be the timelines for Israeli withdrawal from the sovereign land of Palestine.

    from the article: U.S. official to Haaretz: Netanyahu focus on 1967 borders missing the point
    First published 00:07 21.05.11 | Last updated 00:07 21.05.11
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