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    • zionist forever
    • 11.11.13 | 15:47 (IST)

    Israel provides palestinians with millions of shekels worth of electricity every year, they are supposed to pay for it but the PA never collects the money and the Israeli government turns a blind eye and doesn't collect the money. If an Israeli didn't pay their electric they would be cut off and the government wouldn't be telling the electric company to turn a blind eye. Palestinians who have serious illnesses if they can't be treated locally they are treated in Israel free of charge. If an Israeli citizen got a serious illness they would have to pay at least some of the charges themselves but a palestinian they get treated free of charge and of course take up h=the limited hospital beds so Israelis have to wait longer for treatment. Constantly moaning about prices in Israel but we give these very same things Israelis pay alot for to the palestinians free of charge. Time to stop worrying about palestinian economy and put our own citizens first. If the palestinians are so desperate for money why not intend of accusing Israel of assassinating Arafat instead why don't they go after Suha get the stolen billions her good for nothing husband stole from international aid money to pay people off make sure he stayed in power. Suha is living like an arab princess in Europe so why not go after that stolen money she is using to enjoy the good life. Another money saving measure would be to stop paying a pension to the widows of suicide bombers and a salary to prisoners in Israeli jail. Its ridiculous that somebody should be paid a salary whilt tjeu are in jail. PA spends more on the females of dead suicide bombers and terrorists in jail than they give to some of their own employees.

    from the article: Why is no one addressing the real reason for the weak Palestinian economy?
    First published 19:00 10.11.13 | Last updated 19:00 10.11.13
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