Hopefully, there will be a permanent end to terrorism against Jewish Israelis and threats against the Jewish State of Israel. - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Telling it like it is.
    • 13.02.12 | 10:05 (IST)

    Hopefully, Israel would be able to achieve all that is necessary through successful diplomacy. When will I read in the news those magic words: "US encourages direct Israel-Iran diplomacy"? However, Israel, as does the US, needs to allocate sufficient funds for adequate defence of the nation, in case of attack. Obviously, as in every nation, there is a continuing need for greater social justice. In this regard, a la John Rawls, the priority should be to address the needs of those who are worst off - which would also lead to the greater satisfaction of the whole population. The minority of Muslims in Israel who have been antagonistic towards Israel have obviously made it difficult for the Israeli Government to deal absolutely equitably with everyone in Israel because, for example, at least up until recently, there has been an urgent need for innocent Jewish Israeli citizens to be protected from terrorist attacks by Muslims who are not only disloyal to Israel but who seek the Jewish State's destruction. Consequently, the Israeli Government had to set up checkpoints and defensive barriers to protect against that continuing potential. Muslims who are inclined to such terrorism instead of inclining towards peace - as the Koran instructs - should think to themselves, how should they expect the precept, "You must love your neighbour as yourself", to be applied to them when they adopt the stance of an enemy and support violence against Jewish Israelis? Israel does what it can for the welfare of such terrorist supporters, yet Israel obviously needs to maintain a defensive stance, and should not be criticised by the rest of the world for that. If there are people, Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or whoever, who would like to live in eg, Tel Aviv, but can't afford to, they should be content to live in homes elsewhere in Israel instead of expecting the Israeli Government to subsidize them by whatever means. It would probably be a good idea for all who live in Israel who have sufficient food, clothing, and can find a home for themselves somewhere in Israel, to refrain from demonstrating for more money from the Israeli Govt., eg, in the form of higher wages, at least while the political situation in the Middle East is so uncertain, and instead, support from their own wages those families who are at the bottom of the economic ladder in Israel, for Meir Panim, the Jewish Israeli charity, is constantly advertising its need for donations to feed Israel's hungry children and stop hunger for thousands of desperate Israelis.

    from the article: Israel's social protests undermined military training, says IDF reserve commander
    First published 00:56 13.02.12 | Last updated 00:56 13.02.12
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