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    • zionist forever
    • 06.07.10 | 08:27 (IDT)

    The vast majority of public bomb shelters in cities are used for storage because up until 1991 Israel always saw its own borders as safe and then Saddam Hussain proved that but the military has always invested in offensive weapons and defensive operations are neglected. The gas mask problem could easily be resolved if the government used military aid to buy extra gas masks from the US. It probably wouldn't cost more than around $20 million for a one off purchase and considering Israel gets $2.5 billion every year in proportion $20 million is very little. There needs to be more legislation from the government, they should not let apartment blocks convert bomb shelters to apartments or build underground car parks in new builds at the expense of a bomb shelter. The idea of a secure room is a joke. If a bomb falls on the top floor of an apartment block the secure room wont save it the apartment from collapse into the floor bellow which would collapse into the floor bellow that creating a domino effect like 9/11. A public reenforced bomb shelter has a better chance of survival than any secure room. Public bomb shelters and secure rooms are not prepared for WMDS. If there is chemical weapons used there is only so long you can stay in a secure room and public shelters have not been modified so they can deal with WMDS. Homefront might hold exercises now and again but the public don't know what they are supposed to do in case of an attack conventional or non conventional. How many people know where the local public bomb shelter is? Street maps should point out where they are located just same as they point out where to find a hospital or train station. The army is more than capable of going on the offensive but defending the country from either a conventional or non conventional attack is virtually zero. We are all set to defend ourselves from balistic missiles we invest billions in that but a terrorists launched missile or if we went to war with another country who started dropping bombs from planes we are not prepared for any of that. Homefront should not be boasting to much, things might be better than they once were but are a long way away from where they need to be. The government & military need to invest alot in homefront .... there is no point in having tanks and jets if the enemy does manage to drop bombs on the cities and because of a mixture of lack of funding and government not making nececarry legislation people die.

    from the article: MESS Report / How prepared is Israel to defend its home front?
    First published 01:24 06.07.10 | Last updated 01:24 06.07.10
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