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    • Storm Bringer
    • 24.09.12 | 14:04 (IST)

    History does indeed repeat itself and we may all ask this simple question: What's new? Really? What, exactly, is new? Muslims are always "offended" and constantly finding brand new things to "offend" them. It seems that many Muslims are just simply born "offended" and to find everything "offensive" although they can be strangely shameless when it comes to violence and making death threats. If Muslims are destined to riot in Islamic countries every time someone posts something they don't like on the Internet then they are simply going to have to resign themselves to repeatedly rioting on a very regular basis because the Internet is going precisely nowhere - the hardware and technology is far too ubiquitous to ever be "dis-invented". It is time that the Mullahs and Imams got real and finally understand that the modern world and the very nature of communication technology has simply left their Dark Age backwardness very far behind. As seen from the documentary "Islam: The Untold Story" - the primitives are no longer able to "magically" shield their baseless, evidence-free, truth-denying beliefs and superstitious fairy tales from the full scrutiny of the 21st century by making death threats and resorting to violence. Whether is is impartial scholarship, satire, merciless ridicule or unimaginative insult, the Muslims are going to find out, the hard way, that we can and we will do exactly all this and more and that there is absolutely nothing that they can do to prevent any of it. If rioting Muslims wish to systematically shoot-themselves-in-the-foot by destroying their own communities and trashing their own cities because of their pathetic, immature inability to control their own emotions then that is their own business - it has absolutely nothing to do with what free individuals personally choose to think, say or say what they think in free democracies that recognises their constitutional right to do exactly that. The right to free speech and free expression (as it is practiced by Americans in the US) is simply a non-negotiable absolute that is far more sacred, holy and utterly necessary than any religious person's belief in their precious Prophet.

    from the article: Don’t let extremists determine we are in a ‘clash of civilizations’
    First published 11:35 23.09.12 | Last updated 11:35 23.09.12
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