his resolve is assumed; but the nobel may make it more emphatic - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • eric
    • 12.10.09 | 08:12 (IST)

    sometimes all it takes is the challenge to produce...and of all the things the nobel has pegged obama's potential on; mid-east peace and the palestinian state is one of the most attainable... despite all the pessimistic brouhaha and the naysayers among zionists and pro-israel voices. everyone knows that the settlements are the hold up for peace. they are the reason israel has sidestepped, skirted, and flat out refused the prospect of peace and of a palestinian state for decades. realistically, there IS no other obstacle as daunting as the settlements and the occupation that supports them. so instead of trying urge and coax abbas and netanyahu, especially with bibi balking all the way; obama needs to come to terms with the fact that in order to succeed with his goals in the middle-east, he's GOING to make political enemies(although in the long run, maybe not as many as he might think). there's just no way around it. then he needs to forget about negotiations until it's time for the final status treaty, and go after the settlements and the occupation in an all out blitz on every available front! he needs to end all u.s. money that's used to benefit or support them in any way, including u.s. aid and the so-called charities that raise money to fund them. he needs to attack them on the diplomatic front, in the media, in the united nations, and especially in the u.n. security council. much of what's needed is actually already in place(resolutions, demarcations, et al...even u.s. policy on the middle-east); the only thing that's been lacking has been an american president with the courage to set things in motion. and there'll be a whole lot of countries that will follow his lead. and once the occupation has been technically ended, but before the idf leaves; THEN the negotiations about retaining certain settlements in exchange for land, and settlers rights to remain by applying for citizenship, provisions, ifs, ands, buts, etc. and of course, it's BEEN a given that an international presence would be needed to maintain security until the new palestinian state has attained a stable infrastructure and security forces...with individual armed factions disarmed. it might take 10-20 years; but that's not likely. with their borders open to trade, outside investments unhindered, the ability to earn a living, go to school, and live their lives unfettered; most palestinians will be jealously protective of their new state. those who remain militant won't have much room to operate, and virtually nowhere to hide, when just about everyone is against them. see? there's one down; so what's next?

    from the article: U.S. envoy: Obama won't stop until Mideast peace achieved
    First published 17:40 11.10.09 | Last updated 18:08 11.10.09
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