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Iran offer to cut centrifuges led to progress in talks

Western diplomats say Iran surprised world powers with a proposal offering, for the first time, concessions vis-à-vis the Islamic Republic's centrifuge array and their enriched uranium stockpile.

If Netanyahu's right, why is he so wrong?

Even if he is correct about Iran, PM's steps have minimized Israel's ability to exert influence, politicized U.S.-Israel ties so severely that no one seriously addresses his points any more.

Real drama isn't Netanyahu's speech; it's Susan Rice

Zealous supporters of Netanyahu are stoking the right’s resentment of the National Security Adviser who called the prime minister’s visit 'destructive.'

Mentor, friend and shield 
against complacency

Marking the 30th day after David Landau's passing, Peter Hirschberg recalls the indelible imprint the former editor of Haaretz English Edition left on the lives of many.