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    • Ezreal
    • 21.11.05 | 21:16 (IST)

    Israels human rights record is only bad depending how you look at it.Considering what they're up against, I dont think its too bad at all, but not perfect i'll grant you.Better than the UN's record in preventing abuses in Sudan and China and Congo etc etc. We are all entitled to criticise who we want Dutch, until the Wahabis take over the western world and deprive of us all of free speech. Israel hasnt so much murdered those people you refer to as engaged in justifiable homicides in order to prevent murders of Israeli civilians. I hate all killing, even the evil terrorists should not have wasted their lives in vain pursuits, so I pity them too. Many homes were destroyed because they were illegally used to house tunnels or snipers. Some were destroyed whilst terrorists were ensconced within them. The palestinian infrastructure has been subject to misappropriation by terrorists who travel on the roads with their rocket launchers and use their buildings to fire on Israeli troops or store weapons and explosives.All illegal activities. Restrictions on travel are a neccessary evil as long as terrorists use checkpoints to smuggle explosives and suicide bombers.Even a women with child was apprehended at one checkpoint. They even resort to sending women hospital appointees strapped with explosives. So you see, they really do need those restrictions. I'm sorry if I seem ungrateful.I'm not . The UN performed a great service to rectify previous wrongs in granting Israel statehood. Its a great shame that the Pals didnt feel able to share Palestine as it then was. We could have been great neighbours and the Pals would have benefited greatly from association with the friendly fledgling Jewish state. Still, maybe against the odds there will be peace in our time and a chance to right past wrongs and misdeeds. I truly hope so. Regards Ezreal

    from the article: A still-stained UN
    First published 00:00 21.11.05 | Last updated 00:00 21.11.05
Haaretz Headlines
An exposed Hamas tunnel near the Israel border, May 5, 2016.
IDF discovers Hamas tunnel extending from Gaza into Israel for second time in one month

The tunnel is at a depth of 26-28 meters, and the IDF still doesn't know its channel, except for the fact that it starts in Gaza and ends in the southern part of the Gaza border region on the Israeli side.

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Prime Minister Netanyahu (C), Defense Minister Ya'alon (R) and then-IDF chief Gantz. 2014
Watchdog believes Netanyahu, Ya’alon Kept Israeli Cabinet in the Dark in 2014 Gaza War, sources say

Most ministers in the security cabinet were sidelined and did not receive full information during Operation Protective Edge, according to officials who have seen a draft report by State Comptroller Joseph Shapira.

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A screenshot from journalist Julia Ioffe's Twitter, showing a anti-Semitic photo she received after
Trump on supporters who bombarded reporter with anti-Semitic abuse: 'Talk to them about it'

'I don’t have a message to the fans, a woman wrote an article that was inaccurate,' Trump said, adding that he had not read the article but had heard it was 'nasty.'

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A man carries an injured girl after an airstrike in the rebel held area of old Aleppo, Syria April 2
'Never Again' means Israel must defend Syrians from Assad's slaughter

When Adolf Hitler first sent Jews to die, Europeans and Americans agreed that it was not their problem. Israel may be about to make the same mistake about Assad's killings in Syria.

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