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    • zionist forever
    • 01.06.10 | 20:32 (IDT)

    Most the haredi are ok and do work its a minority group that want to live in their own little ghetto and don't understand how the real world works and clashes result in violence. The problem is if you have a beard and black hat then seculars see you as a trouble maker when its only a minority of haredi who make trouble but the media doesn't care about a religious jew who has a job & makes no trouble. As for the arabs they will never fit in. They don't believe in the idea of a jewish state and most want a binational state whilst the bulk of the jewish majority secular & orthodox want the country to remain a jewish one, most of them want to remain Israeli citizens but define themselves as palestinians and their first loyalty is to the palestinians & other arab enemies, we have some who betray the country, the arab MKS are always making trouble. We don't share the same culture, jews & arabs are not ashamed of the fact they don't like each other, The arabs want to live in a ghettoized society and you get riots if jews start moving into the area. Israel just doesn't represent them .. the national symbols of state are all jewish, things like national holidays are jewish ones, the name of the parliament where jews & arabs sit is given a hebrew name ( Knesset is a hebrew word ), the currency is named after the biblical shekel, the countries name is jewish, all jews have a right to live in Israel but the palestinians who the arabs define themselves as will never have any kind of right of return. We just have nothing in common and neither side wants the other, even the left wing politicians are determined to offload thousands of arabs from Israel to become citizens of a future palestiian state as part of any deal. Ben Gurion was an idealist who dreamed about what this new state could be but ideals and what can be achieved in the real world are different things. Its all very easy for Braveman to talk about the kind of country we should build but its very east to have visions of utopia but its much harder to make it a reality. The haredi minority who he wants to see closer integration with its not going to happen because this is religion clashing with a secular state and people will not compromise their faith for politics and the arabs they have never fitted in and never will thats reality, its not a nice reality but its how things are and sometimes life isn't fair.

    from the article: Braverman: Israel should embrace its Arabs, Haredim
    First published 16:37 01.06.10 | Last updated 16:37 01.06.10
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