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    • Karoon Ewe Morgandine
    • 12.08.11 | 21:24 (IDT)

    Let me be really frank with you. You had all of the world trained in peace and England okay now you want to replace all you had trained but you waited till we 40 to take with all the training . Are you confused you forgot you had us trained. Let me also put it to you like this Paula Jones is Paula Pitno quit being this way. It isnt goint to work. He is royal family as well and we know plan my father in law was a Dassa the best people in the whole wide world. Have you forgotten you negotiate. It isnt him tell Ross Perot Jr to quit hiring mercenary teams and to quit destroying all like he did the wolves and big horns sheep. What he dont like he take down. He only has 14 trillion there are others hint hint with 497 trillion and more. WE leave the doctor alone. That is how it is going to be. Syria he kept as a christian sanctuary, jew, muslim, and buddist monk temples there as well. He was in economic crunch and why arent you reporting that over half of London is burned to the ground. The Lynch family is aligined with Syria Dassa the true name and family. That is how it is. Sorry been quiet Hersnia and the rest doing great job. Watching and advising but as Empress France to Russia to Iran since 3 years old when great aunt died and raised in USA I also travel and my great grand Empress Karen Romanov Thicket in Russia by propeller plane and she is guiding. Peace for the next 150 years our way. So how old is she. Arkangel Russia is active house of parliment of the wise. Syria is a cousin and we protect our bloodline. House of Jrslm is safe and the next generation of royal have arose in 30s and 20s and teens. Watch Jennifer Lopez and Pit Bull video to see the next royal crowns. WE busy we dont play take down. End this now. Not one more life after tonight. By the way the 300 corpses were hanged out to steam to corpse level. They were cadavers from 60's and 70s but three groups claimed the deaths in power. Every household in Iran knew to go claim their dead. So you who claimed killing lost world credibility. You need to be replaced. Now the game starts and you will see what peaceful power is release the PACK. Karoon Ewe Morgandine Aganemnon Justified Istoniac Applified Domnatia Llamosa ......

    from the article: Clinton urges world to cut economic ties with Syria
    First published 20:40 12.08.11 | Last updated 20:40 12.08.11
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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, February 10, 2016.

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