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    • tad
    • 30.05.05 | 00:50 (IDT)

    I am always amazed at the passion of the people who paritcipate in these on-line discussions. "eliminated, erased, kicked out" is not the language of dialog, but that of intolerance. the following comment is an attempt to inject a little reason into all the vitriol. the USA is a country with a population around 300 million of which (aprox.) less than 6 million or 2% are jewish while around 13% or 40 million are hispanic (mostly mexican). in my estimation the jews have a louder voice in american society/politics than the hispanics. why is this? some people claim there exists a jewish dominance of american media but i believe this claim is exagerated. what many people do not understand is that most of the support for israel comes not from americas small jewish population but rather from its large and powerful christian fundamentalist allies. [note to Khalid - for more evidence of this alliance, google "project for the new american century" - there you will find a "statement of principles" look who signed the statement. read what they say about foreign policy, then be afraid, be very afraid.] but americans support many foreign organizations; for example, it is claimed that the IRA (irish republican army, a terrorist organization) gets most of its financial support from americans of irish descent. should america ban AIPAC, like Egypt bans the muslim brotherhood? of course not. in a democratic society organizations like AIPAC not only have every right to exist, but their existence in effect confirms democracy, it is one of its strengths - "I may hate what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it" (or something like that). we should not condem AIPAC merely because it is successful. supporters of the palestinians should study AIPAC and learn to emulate it. why is the palestinian voice missing from the american conversation? why doesn't some wealthy saudi buy an american TV channel? as anyone will tell you, american politcians are "equal oportunity" - for sale to the highest bidder and they accept "campaign contributions" in foreign currency as well as dollars (preferably in small unmarked bills). the pro-palestinain facton should smarten up, learn the rules and get in the game. there is peace and there is killing kids. you choose. Ps: jonathan pollard is a traitor, he admited his guilt and in his confesion he testified that he was paid for his perfidy. any president that lets him go will lose votes.

    from the article: Think before you sing `Hatikva'
    First published 00:00 27.05.05 | Last updated 00:00 27.05.05
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