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    • M.Nathanson
    • 27.05.05 | 21:17 (IDT)

    Nathan Guttman's article covers a whole array of issues which, although related directly or not,cannot be discussed in a comprehensive way. Few comments though: 1. The time to change the national anthem is long overdue because it belongs to the pre state period and has a depressing/whining quality about it. Israel deserves a fresh Israeli lyrics and music. 2.The Israeli leadeship (right or left) and AIPAC (that is' the self appointed leadership of American Jews)have a mutually dependent relationship: Israel needs the latter for political and financial support and the latter needs the former for strengthening of its position among those Jewish Americans who still care about tribalism. From my conversations over the years with many American Jews including those considered 'pillars of their community' it is clear that only few know the Bible or the hitory of the Jewish people or for that matter the history of the Zionist movement and Israel. 3.American politicians indeed cater to AIPAC for internal political reasons- they always are between elections...Most members of congress really do not care about what had transpired in the last 100 years between the Jordan and the Mideterrenean and knowingly support Israeli policies which are detrimental not only to Israel but more importantly to the U.S and its citizens. 4.There is another point which is crucial to understand. The 'spaecial relationship" between Israel and the US is not based on geopolitics here and there but on deeply entrenched religious world views,the non-Catholic Christian pre-occupation with the 'Bible', the "land of the Bible' and its 'People'. Only in the U.S can one hear, and quite often, politicians invoke the "Judeo-Chrisitian" this and the "Judeo Christian" that. The unholy alliance between Right wing, intolerant, conservative,narrow minded, militaristic, nationalistic and (pseudo)religious Jews and Christians is quite disgusting and in the long run not in Israel's best interest. 5.At its roots Islam is much closer to Judaism than Chrisitianity, the former two deeply anchored in Middle Eastern religions the latter a Greco-Roman version which eventually was further transformed by West Europe. Judaism today too, is a West European iteration of the ancient Middle Eastern 'original'. 6.Finally, few words about Khalid's contributions to this and other discussions. He is perceptive, eloquent and refrains from personal attacks which are quite common in these exchnges and betray not only lack of manners but sense of insecurity and defensiveness. Agree or not, Khalid has plenty to contribute and should be listened to because he most likely represents the views and feelings of the majority of the Palestinians.

    from the article: Think before you sing `Hatikva'
    First published 00:00 27.05.05 | Last updated 00:00 27.05.05
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