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    • the mad zionist
    • 21.10.11 | 07:02 (IST)

    That everytime an israeli PM offered the palestinians everything they wanted, gaza, 93 percent of the west bank and half of jerusalem they turned it down. You need a serious history lesson my man. Oh and by the way, why do you go under the name Harzion? you do know that Harzion was one of the most famous IDF soldiers in israels history, right? Just curious. But I really want to know (in your mind of course) why the palestinians turned down those previous offers? And while your at it, why didnt the palestinians create their state when egypt ruled gaza and jordan ruled thr west bank and jerusalem? Because it sure as hell seems that it lies clearly in their charter, logo, and candid statements, that their main goal is to destroy the jewish state. It seems pretty clear that its not the israelis that dont want peace, but why should the israelis even attempt.peace anymore with them after the palestinians turned down exactly what their asking for. You know anyone can jist open their mouth and say anything that makes a sentence, even keywords like genocide, apartheid, international law, war crimes. Doesnt make it factual or even historical. Common sense, honesty, and history are the only factors. But please, answer my questions Harzion. And by the way, Netanyahu has done everytging in his power to not allow israel to sink to egypts, turkeys and even thr palestinians level. To anyone with even a smidgen of a clue would realize that israel does anything to prevent an escalation. And trust me, any other country could not have as much restraint as israel does with what it recieves from its neighbors. Look at turkey, yesterday the PKK terrorized parts of Turkey and Turkey retaliated and killed many kurdish rebels and many civilians. Looks like turkey is the one you should go after, because even when missiles.rain down on israel for years and years and years, israel still tries to find a way to not have to go to war.or even do much about. If anytging israel does not defend itaelf one bit, and israel should, israel should treat its enemies.like the palestinians would treat israel if it had her might. Brutally and Remorsefully. Jake

    from the article: Netanyahu agrees to partially freeze West Bank construction in bid to resume talks
    First published 03:27 21.10.11 | Last updated 03:27 21.10.11
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