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    • zionist forever
    • 11.10.11 | 09:47 (IST)

    What Israel gets is basically an indirect discount on American weapons and it spends more of its own money in America than it gets in aid. In exchange for $3 billion in military aid, which must be spent in America Israel has to agree to all kinds of conditions. (1) It is obligated to spend a minimum amount of its own money ( not including domestically built weapons ) on American. It cannot take the $3 billion and then spend the rest of the annual budget in Europe. (2) It ties Israel into American weapons which gives the US a huge amount of political pressure on Israel. If Israel wants spare parts for things like its F16s then then it needs to keep the US sweet because without those parts the planes are grounded. (3) It eliminates competition to the US. One of the main reasons the Lavi jet was canceled was because the US was worried it would compete with the new F16 so they pressured Israel to kill Lavi and offered them a generous deal on the F16. There are a variety of weapons Israel could develop but doesn't because its cheaper to buy American with aid money.( 4) The US have a veto on who Israel sells domestically built weapons to. Israel wanted to sell both Turkey and India the Arrow but the US objected and then offered both countries Patriot. Israel signed a multi billion deal to sell China its Phalcon AWAC system the contracts were all signed but the US objected so the deal was canceled. India wanted Phalcon originally objected and offered them Boeing version but when India rejected it Israel later appealed the decision to block the sale which the, US then agreed to blocks Israel selling its version then offer. (5) The defense industry is very expensive and need government subsidies but the US government is not allowed to give the American companies direct subsidies but allocate money for military aid to a variety of countries and these countries get their subsidies. Without military aid to all the countries who get it ( not just Israel ). Israel is setting up a brand new peoduction plant in the US to build its new Merkava based Namer APC so it can be paid for through military aid so thanks to military aid some brand new jobs are being created in the US which would not exist otherwise because Israel would build the Namer in Israel and employ extra Israelis to build the that. Basically the US gains alot more from the discount it gives Israel in the form of military aid.

    from the article: IDF battle readiness to suffer if budget cut, senior officers warn
    First published 00:44 11.10.11 | Last updated 00:44 11.10.11
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