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Rivalries within ISIS may lead to breakaway militias

Might such differences lead to the collapse of the organization from within? At this stage they are still local disputes rather than broad phenomena.

Danger of spillover from Syria war increasing

As West focuses on Islamic State, Hezbollah and jihadi groups may try to carry out attacks across the Golan border, says Israeli intelligence.

A Palestinian woman pauses amid destroyed buildings in the northern district of Beit Hanun, Gaza.
Israel 2015: The mud has reached our necks

Summer was a warning siren, autumn a wake-up call, and the last six months tell us loudly that the past will not turn into the future, that the status quo is unsustainable.

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Extinct comes to life: 2014's top dinosaur discoveries

From the Saudi-saur to a nest with babysitter to the BIGGEST dinosaur EVER - here are the hot dinosaur stories of 2014.