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Image posted by ISIS supporters on Twitter purporting to show a Grad missile being fired into Israel

ISIS Sinai affiliate says fired rockets into Israel

Projectiles found between two communities in Eshkol Regional Council after sirens sounded in Gaza border communities; no injuries or damage caused.


How Egypt lost Sinai long before ISIS attacks

Cairo's decades-long neglect of the northern part of the strategic peninsula and its people is now being paid for in Egyptian soldiers' blood.

The rescued Entebbe hostages (Courtesy of IDF archives)

A spy’s mission to bring the Entebbe raid back to life

Avner Avraham searched the world — and his old buddies’ memories — to collect artifacts on the 1976 hostage rescue. They’re on display in Tel Aviv.

Prime Minister Netanyahu (C), Defense Minister Ya'alon (R) and then-IDF chief Gantz. 2014
How Bibi convinced Israelis to forget about Gaza

SPECIAL MULTIMEDIA PROJECT: How Netanyahu won re-election despite Israel's costly 2014 ground offensive in Gaza.

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