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Tokyo Sexwale in the  West Bank

Curious S. African angles of Israel’s FIFA challenge

The irony of history: Former ANC leader and anti-apartheid activist Tokyo Sexwale is pegged to monitor Israeli policies towards Palestinian footballers.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

Cruz captures conservative Jewish hearts

At N.Y. gala, Shmuley Boteach tells a receptive audience: 'The appetite for Jewish blood is back.'

Balata refugee camp, August 2014.

Walking the Green Line: 48 years of occupation

Writer Nir Baram spent a year meeting people on both sides of the Green Line nearly five decades after the Six-Day War, a short military campaign with long-term consequences.

An alter supported by lions, one of the antiquities discovered in Yavneh.

An Israeli drug scene - 3,000 years ago

Intoxicants and hallucinogens were an integral part of life for the Philistines and peoples in the area.