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Iraqi Shi'ite militiaman aim their weapons during clashes with militants from the Islamic State
Israel is no longer the center of the Mideast story

Netanyahu's claim that Israel is the primary target of radical Islam ignores the historic battle unfolding in the region, in which the country's role is marginal.

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Netanyahu chat is like dentist's appointment for Obama

Washington has rolled out a red carpet for India’s PM because they think he has promise and potential - unlike his Israeli counterpart.

Israel still sending asylum seekers to Holot

Immigration Authority accused of continuing to issue summonses to African migrants despite High Court decision to close detention facility.

Jews everywhere: Your personal sin list

As we near Yom Kippur, the Day of Judgment, after a(nother) year of war, recriminations and disillusionment, we must stand accountable for our failings, whatever our political affiliations.