Haaretz says it because it an rare instance when a Jewish person is an Ambassador for a country which - Comment - Israel News | Haaretz Daily Newspaper
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    • Israeli Oleh- originaly from POLAND
    • 15.03.11 | 19:25 (IST)

    did not establish diplomatic relations with the Jewish sate Isreal.There were protest riote in 1948 when Israel was reborn. So its a sepecial case. Mind you Wikileaks papers that Bahrain Rulers were considering over the last few years tp establish diplomatic relations with Israel. Its comming anyway win the enar future as Arab states turn to democracy and will not be using Israel as a diversion like the authoritarian rulers in ME. The link with aapponitments is not unique to Jewish journalist. When Zbig Brzezinski was appointed as the Security Advisor to President Carter, Polish people worldwide were proudly reporting it. Similarly the movie Diretor Roman Polanski , who finished the Film School in Lodz is always singled out in the Polish Press as a Pole. Since Polanski is a Jewish survivor, hiden by a a Polish Righteous of the Nation, His Parents were Bula Katz-Przedborska and the father Ryszard Liebling. the family survived the Krakow Ghetto and Concentration amps. Young Roman (6 years old ) run away from the Ghetto and survived with deifferent Catholic Families using the name Romek Wilk.. After the war his mother went back to France and never reuturned. The Father runited with Romek and he grew up in Poland . Since Roman Polanski was borne in Paris, France in 1936 he is a Frecnh citizen. So The French always claim Polanski as a Frenchmen, Poland claims Polanski as Polish (after all he lived in poland from the age of 5 until he left Poland at the age of 25 in 1961 for France. and we jews claim Polansk as a Jew. Except when Polanski was charged with rape pof a minor in USA France forgot to mention that Polanski is French, Poland did not mention tha Polanski is Polish and we jews reminded everyone that Polanski was in Ghett as Jew but was raised as a catholic by families that saved him and after the war his father remarried and the step mather was taking Polanski to Church every Sunday. So in Fact Polanski is a gifted film director and really is a "World Citizen" Did I forget to remind you Mr. Thoams, that when John Kennedy was elected President all papers in US stressed that Kennedy is the First Irisghman and a Catholic to become President. When Obama run for Presidency all papers stressed that his father was from Kenya and step-father from Indonesia. and of course Obama is the first black person to be president. Although his mother was a white A WASP America. So is Obama White or Afro American. Does it matter execpt that it is a human to look at someones ethnic or racial background. Now Thoams name can be of a Christian Lebanese origins or Irish? Who cares. I am Jewish Ashkenazi from Poland but born in Russia druing the war than moved in 1957 to Israel and then Canada. So politically correct I am RskiPolski ZydYehudi Canadain. WOW.. and I speak PoPolish, Russian, Yidish, Hebrew, German and French WOW. IAAM AA CAAANADIANN

    from the article: Meet Houda Ezra Ebrahim Nonoo, Bahrain's Jewish U.S. ambassador
    First published 23:08 14.03.11 | Last updated 23:08 14.03.11
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