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    • hubert
    • 27.08.10 | 19:59 (IDT)

    To all Ground Zero Mosque Opponents I find it absolutely insane that many politicians are in favor of the GZM (Ground Zero Mosque) and dare to call opposing the mosque "Un-American". Really what are they thinking? First America was attacked by Muslims who killed 3000 innocent people. Killing 3000 people in the US today is just as much an act of war as killing nearly as many, mostly military people in Pearl Harbor was an act of war. The reaction by the majority of sensible Americans, who oppose the mosque, is not because of hate, denial of religious freedom or lack of tolerance. It is a reaction of defending ourselves and self preservation. Islam, or at least part of Islam, has declared war on the US and proven that it was not grand standing or idle talk. They murdered 3000 people to prove that they are at war and are intend on destroying the US. They proved their point. The destruction that took place on 9/11 was received with great enthusiasm, celebration and joy in the Muslim world. I wonder how that would be possible if only a very small fraction of them are radicals who cause all the problems. The open public celebrations say otherwise. The fact that the Quran allows and promotes lying to infidels (that is us) in order to promote Islam makes any agreement with Muslims completely useless and not worth the paper it is written on. Even if there happened to be some honest and sincere Muslims who wanted to live in peace with us, we just could not take the risk to accept and believe them and leave ourselves defenseless against a ruthless murder machine. It has to be that way because of what their religion allows and preaches. Their religion makes them by definition not trustworthy towards any non-muslim. There is absolutely no good reason to act otherwise as long the so called good and peaceful Muslims have not eradicated the monster they created by not acting many years ago (remember Munich) and supported with their finances and silence. This monster was raised in Muslim mosques and is still being raised there (Awlaki). It is no coincidence that all US terrorists are connected to Muslim mosques. This fact in itself makes you wonder why the building of any mosque is even allowed. The right to protect our lives is an inalienable human right (given by God) that supersedes the constitutional right to freedom of religion which is given by humans. Not allowing the building of mosques (anywhere in the US, not just Ground Zero) is no more then enforcing our right to self defense!

    from the article: Focus U.S.A. / Ground Zero mosque row puts ADL in unchartered waters
    First published 10:24 27.08.10 | Last updated 10:24 27.08.10
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