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Three top Hamas commanders killed in Israeli strike

Israeli moderately-to-seriously wounded by mortar in Eshkol; Slain commanders Mohammed Abu Shamala and Raed Al-Attar were involved in Shalit and Goldin abductions.

Is a signed Israel-Hamas agreement necessary?

Building a seaport, opening border crossings and acceding to the rest of Hamas' demands for a truce will provide Israel with enormous levers of influence over the organization.

Turkey wants to be key player, but Egypt won't let

Why al-Sissi won't let Erdogan be the key player he wants to be.

A protest in March 2014: 'No to government of tycoons'
Silly Israelis, this will never be a normal country

Israelis had started to think we lived in a normal country and could worry about luxuries like 'the cost of living.'

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