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    • Mr.Giggles
    • 23.02.11 | 12:02 (IST)

    If, say, 25 years ago, I had asked my father, “Dad, what's up with Israel?” he might have told me about the Holocaust, a land without a people for a people without a land, the 1948 war, the 67 and 73 wars, how the light upon nations was surrounded by evil Islamic enemies who wished to push the Jews into the sea. Today, if a 10-year-old asks Google, “What's up with Israel?” he will get a very different response. It begins with the campaign for Zionism, a racist doctrine, and how the guilt of the Holocaust led to the Brits handing over a large chunk of Palestine to European Jews without asking the native population of the land. About how Im Tirzu used terrorism to force the Brits to hand the problem to the UN. About a campaign of ethnic cleansing that forced the majority of Palestinians south and westward, followed by a counter-campaign against Jews living in other Middle East countries. A ten-year-old would learn about the occupation of the Sinai, and how Israel started the 67 war by bombing Egypt's air force, and the retaliation in 73. About how the Palestinians, taking a page from Im Tirzu's playbook embarked on a failed campaign of terrorism in order to end the occupation and humiliation of their people. The 82 massacres in Lebanon. The vast, complex PR campaign that Israel has used since 82 to cover up its deeds and foist all the blame on others (civilians, journalists, children, police officers, protesters—all terrorists once an IDF bullet finds its way into them.) Settlements, home demolitions, forced deportation, the open-air prison called Gaza, Google has all the answers. Then, that 10-year-old could go on Facebook and see the pictures by former IDF soldiers, of women smiling proudly next to half-naked, bound and gagged Palestinians, asking “Does this uniform make my butt look fat?” Yes, Mr. Peres, Google and Facebook might bring peace to the Middle East, but it will come only after the information age saps away all ill-gotten support for the pariah state, the only nuclear state in the Middle East, the Apartheid state, the (b)light upon nations called Israel. (Oh, and Google might lead you to Haaretz, as it did for me, and to a comment like mine, followed by a dozen trolls attacking my grammar, my hometown, my nationality and my “skewed” perception of the 20th century. Cheers, Google!)

    from the article: Peres: Google and Facebook will bring Mideast peace
    First published 01:37 23.02.11 | Last updated 01:37 23.02.11
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