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    • Carlo Strenger
    • 15.05.10 | 17:50 (IDT)

    I'm happy to see that JEWISH LIBERALS OF ALL NATIONS, UNITE! is generating quite an intense discussion. I've read the comments with interest, and want to react briefly, going backwards: ad 56: the canard that liberal democrats pave the advancement of Islam is easy to repeat of you don't bother to check your facts. Bernard-Henri Levy and Finkielkraut have been warning against radical Islam for years. ad 55: always remember Einstein: 'common sense is the set of prejudices that you assembled until age 18 and no longer bother thinking about'... ad 50: I wish people would listen to you.... ad 49: if you were right, all companies who make use of external consultant, precisely because they have a different perspective, must be complete idiots... ad 48: look at my article 'why Israel doesn't engage with the saudi initiative, haaretz june 2007. ad 43: if you'd let me know any empirical evidence the right has brought forth, please fill me in; i'll be happy to respond! ad 42: Sam; haaretz gets at least a mail a day. did you think that it might be play of words on my family name? ad 38: point well taken. the problem is that lieberman has a very totalitarian view of what israel should look like. he really doesn't like freedom of discussion and speech! ad 33: you won't believe it; but the liberal position on israel came into being when obama was a kid! at 26: that's a truly subtle argument! Seriously: why don't you argue your point instead of ventilating rage? at 21: very good point. one of the right's problem is that it is enamored with the melodrama that all this, constantly, is about the survival of israel and the jewish people. but that's the nature of right-wing politics: it thrives on fears. ad 16: try salam fayyad, continue with sam bahour and nabeel kassis. there are plenty of palestinian liberals! ad 12: you have, of course, the right to say what you want. but it would be tasteful -- and maybe interesting -- to argue rather than just curse jewish liberals!

    from the article: Strenger than Fiction / Jewish liberals from all nations, unite
    First published 15:50 03.05.10 | Last updated 15:50 03.05.10
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