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Israeli forces approaching Gaza flotilla

The Orwellian logic of Israel’s blockade of Gaza

Analysis | It goes like this: There is no such blockade, and if you violate it, you will be arrested.

Gaza project

The Forgotten War: A Year Since Gaza

One year after Operation Protective Edge, Haaretz sends its top writers to examine what has changed since the conflict between Israel and Hamas, and to ask whether – or when – the next war will erupt.

Israeli and Palestinian children participate in a Parents Circle camp

A bigger threat than BDS: anti-normalization

By seeking to police all interactions between Israeli Jews and Palestinians, the movement prevents any progress in advancing coexistence and achieving peace.

Meat and vegetables on the grill.

Israeli tips to spice up your summer bbq

Check out our tips and tricks to add Middle Eastern flavor to your Fourth of July celebration – or any celebration.