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    • Joseph E . Post 1
    • 16.01.07 | 16:03 (IST)

    as is now is productive , vibrant , alive and PEACEFULL , due to Israel and IDF in full exclusive control of the Golan , , , Under this document the Golan under Syria becomes dead , and tensions becomes higher due to Terror infiltrations , Israel preventions or reaction time to stop or counter the terror threat from Golan is reduced to Zero , Syria could always say cannot control borders as Syria says now with Lebanon and Iraq , Look at Judea and Samaria , because Israel and IDF are there terror is loosing , , , from more or less 420 dead Israel citizens in 2000 from pals terror to 30 or less in 2006 , , ,what would happen if IDF stay out of Judea and Samaria , the answer is look at Gaza , the same principle goes for the Golan , , , This document says nothing about what should be done if this or that problem happens , and clauses such as arbitration thru third party never works , , , Look at Oslo accords , Look at US brokered 2005 Gaza understandings , Look at Sinaii-Gaza borders thru 1979 US Carter brokered Israel-Egypt treaty , , , Moreover you now have US Carter appartheid book , , ,all these agreements are now worth trash , , , this document is giving a foothold to Syria terror in Israel as Oslo documents did with terror PLO/PA in Israel also with Egypt help to terror PLO/PA thru the US brokered 1979 treaty and 2005 Gaza understandings , Egypt also says cannot control Sinaii-Gaza borders , This document says , after treaty is signed than Syria would supposedly do something with pals , Lebanon and Iraq , Arabs always deny and are not up to their expected part , deal , of responsability , security , cooperation ect...Oslo agreement says no pals violence , it was signed than you had Arafat signing a BS letter saying he renounce violence , but terror PLO charter against Israel to this day remained unchanged , even US Clinton in Gaza was no help , same as for Rabbin Arafat just mailed to US Clinton an other BS letter , , and pals violence increased in numbers and sophistication in line with terror PLO charter , , , If someone thinks that Syria would do something for with pals , Lebanon and Iraq crisis , than this someone is a dreamer , living in a planet outside the solar system , , ,Look at Egypt , Egypt is seen as top US ally , as a mediator in Shalit crisis , did Egypt convinced terror pals , terror PLO/PA to renounce violence , the answer is a big NO same goes with Shalit , he is not back home , same goes with Syria and terror hezbollah holding Udi and Eldad plus Syria restocking Nassarallah arsenal , and Syria support to Hamas , Islamic Jihad ect....

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    First published 00:00 16.01.07 | Last updated 00:00 16.01.07
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