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    • judah ben hur
    • 16.10.10 | 18:24 (IST)

    So, he hates himself, self declared, and that therefore allows him to be a putz. Clearly, he is really lacking in a deep understanding of the facts as they are in the region despite that he is from the region. Just because he's from Israel doesn’t mean he knows what’s best. He offers not one real solution of any substance, and he offers not one word of advice for the palestinians and their part in having created this crappy situation. One thing I think can be said of this guy; he is welcomed into the bosom of the anti semitic beast in London precisely because he is a Jew from Israel that hates Israel, NOT because his views are sound. I think if he were to sit down with real scholars to debate this subject, I know he would be blown out of the water. Self loathers will always be around and will always be USED by others who pretend to love them because they can use them...he's a stooge who is mostly unhappy as a person and unhappy in his core....I feel pity for this man actually, so lost, angry, afraid to actually confront the truth....yes pals were displaced, but they displaced themselves. Everyone knows what happened both in term of immigration in pre 1948 Israel for both the Jews and arabs, and everyone knows what the UN presented in 1947. Everyone also knows that the arabs rejected the 50/50 proposal, which ironically was FAR more land than they will now end up today with. That’s NOT the Jews fault. It’s their fault. Everyone knows what happened in 1948. Everyone knows what happened in 1967. Not everyone knows that the PLO was established in 1964, 3 FULL years BEFORE there were any occupied territories. Can this man be so ignorant? or does he not wish to address these FACTS. It's funny how he brands this one or that one as left, right, with this value or that value...yet in him, I see NO values. NONE. Only the value of money and being accepted into ANY circle that will have him, and he found it in London...wow, what a surprise.... The fact is, Jews and pals always lived in this land, and fact again, both immigrated to it all through the centuries, including the 20th century. It was not "palestinian" per se, it was home to many...including Jews. They both were officially offered 50% of the land, by the WORLD BODY AT THE TIME, the UN. The Jews said yes. The arabs said no. The arabs told their own people to leave for their safety so that they are not caught in the war they were about to undertake to kick the Jews into the sea. The arabs LEFT VOLUNTARILY. Israel won the war. There you have it. Fact is, despite all these wars and terrorist attempts to destroy the Jews in Israel since then, the fact is, Israel still treats its minorities better than arabs are treated in other arab countries and better than arabs are treated in European cities. And Israel does this DESPITE the fact that they have continuously been trying to kill Jews and destroy Israel. This man is a liar pure and simple. Mostly, he lies to himself though, and THAT is why he really is a sad person which actually helps make him a good jazz musician. At the end of the day, he is a disgrace, leading an empty life. I am SURE he wants peace, and I am equally sure that what he is offering and opining about is in fact making peace less likely and not more likely. Naively saying that all pals and arabs should just be able to come back to their homes and fields is just so stupid and ill thought out. It’s just not that simple, nor will that bring peace. It’s a pipe dream, built on a lie that Israel did this to them...Israel did no such thing, and that is the biggest obstacle to peace. The arabs MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for their naqba...they rejected the UN IN 1947, they left voluntarily under orders from haj amin al husseini, they made war, they lost. End of story.

    from the article: Haunted by ghosts
    First published 11:24 15.10.10 | Last updated 11:24 15.10.10
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