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    • zionist forever
    • 17.05.11 | 16:59 (IDT)

    You have to love his way of thinking, he gives a bleeding heart interview and one of his main justifications for the UN to give them a state is so they cant take Israel to court. The UN needs to understand that allowing Abbas to bypass talks and expecting them to give them all the things he wants will make the situation harder to solve once the parties are over. Just because the UN says so Israel won't just close all its settlements or pull troops from strategically important areas, Its not going to hand over Jerusalem, give them control of the aquifers or anything else. In an attempt to force the palestinians to sit and talk Israel may decide to refuse to provide the palestinians any kind of territorial corridor through Israel and not even the UN can force it to do that. Leaving then with the bulk of their state landlocked and unable to connect with the rest of it. I imagine Israel would refuse to recognize any currency the palestinians choose to introduce which means it has no exchange rate to the shekel which would create problems for the thousands of palestinians who work in Israel and get paid in Shekels. Overnight that makes their pay check worthless unless they first convert it twice so it can be spent back home. Whilst the UN can create a state for the arabs in theory they can't create one that will function at a practical level, only a state created with Israel's blessings can do that and bypassing negotiation to go straight to the UN will only anger Israel. If the UN gives them their theoretical state it leaves no room later for a future palestinian leadership to hold negotiations with Israel to make the theoretical state into a workable one because it would involve concessions on the palestinian part and to make any concessions would be viewed as treachery. the palestinians are not looking beyond the independence day party when they talk about going to the UN. The US and EU at least need to say with one voice now we not support at the UN or give political recognition to any state created through bypassing negotiation. The US should also threaten to cut off financial aid to palestinians if they try the unilateral approach. Start thinking with your head instead of your heart and you see that only a state created through negotiation can survive and Abbas hasn't wanted to do much talking over the last couple of years because he has wanted the UN approach because he knows negotation means compromises.... time to be cruel to the palestinians now to be kind to them later

    from the article: Abbas urges UN: Recognize Palestinian state, pave way for legal action against Israel
    First published 06:26 17.05.11 | Last updated 06:26 17.05.11
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