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    • DR. FOX
    • 10.07.05 | 20:01 (IDT)

    Gideon stood stooped shouldered dressed in black. It was a humid and hot day but this apologist for Al Zaqari stood as cool as a block of ice. From his body movements and his calculated elitist air, it was obvious that he was not a man of the people. His manicured nails and coiffured hair spoke volumes about his needs. From my notes I had noted that gideon had once written an article about a suspected terrorist and dead man in Bethlehem. Gideon wrote that this calm placid gentleman owned a dress store, and did not look like a terrorist, he enjoyed playing with his children, so how could he be a terrorist. When I had first read this I was astounded. It was difficult to believe that Haaretz was printing this junk. The idea that a monster has to look like a monster, as if type-casted was moronic and myopic. Gideon has never had a problem judging a persons character by the way they dressed and looked. He was as insightful as a Jewish American Princess. All that was missing was the bubble gum, sugar free, of course. "Come on in gideon." Gideon looked around, wondering why he had been requested to visit. "where's Kay? he asked "Oh Kay couldn't come, she couldn't get Mordecahi out of Israel, and she doesn't go anywhere without Morde and Tali." interjected nurse Grace, recycling some needles. "I like that Tali, quite a sexy woman, with those thick black glasses and all." Gideon remarked picking some lint from his shirt. "I couldn't agree with you more" Dr. Fox replied. "Mr. Levy, where does this first year university view of the world come from? do you really believe that revolutions are the making of the poor? "Well the poor are poor, and that can lead to distress and anger." "Sure but what is the excuse for many of the terrorists, or freedom fighters as you call them, coming from oil rich Saudi Arabia." "Listen it is impossible to ignore the fact that Islamic terroism, which carries the banner of an uncompromising religious war, has succeeded in cultivating its wild weeds in the soil of the impoverished, infirm, deprived and oppressed third world.!" Gideon was now yelling, nurse Grace grabbed a scalpel fearing the worst from this humanist. "Gideon quite the rousing bit of populism there. Uncompromising religious war. Uncompromising, like hacking off the heads of an unarmed hostages, for the video cameras, this is simply uncompromising. uncompromising!" "He is a sick f#%$k doctor, let me take care of him." Prof Head had entered the office and apparently had heard much of the conversation. "Wait a moment, we must give dialogue a try." Prof head Head leaned in a whispered in the Dr's ear. "But he has no soul, doctor. he casts no shadow, and look....he does not appear in the mirror." Professor Head was correct we were dealing with evil. Gideon saw himself as Marlene Deitrich, protesting Nazism by leaving Germany. Yet gideon stayed, why? "why are you still living in Israel?" the doctor asked, studying the absence of Mr. Levy's reflection in the mirror. "I have stayed to educate my Jewish brothers." " so they are ignorant and only you undestand?" "Yes" replied Gideon speaking like a third world academic. "I would like to recommend some reading for you. do you remember Nathan Weinstock?" "Yes he wrote "Zionism the False Messiah" it was my bible. "Well he sir, has since changed his tune, he now believes that the underlying problem in Israel is the concept of the dhimmi. "Trust me I will not read it, if it does not jibe with my religion, then it does not exist." Gideon rose and peered around the corner at the source of some strange sounds. "Well the essay is titled "Stories of dogs" I recommend that you read it sir." But gideon wasn't listening. The doctor looked around the corner to find nurse Grace standing only dressed in her panties. Leon, I had only hired that morning, his courderoy pants bunched up around his knees.

    from the article: A world path not followed
    First published 00:00 10.07.05 | Last updated 00:00 10.07.05
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