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    • Chris Linthwaite
    • 29.06.10 | 11:58 (IDT)

    Although the real problem is the double edged sword that Politicians employ the scarecrow for. Firstly the Israeli politician sees peace as a reduction in revenue streams. The Prime Minister doesn't want a Brass Plaque on his door, he wants a diamond studded gold one. Ehud Barack certainly wouldn't want to downsize his apartment, and the nightclub bouncer, well least said, in a normal country he'd be in court charged with corruption at worse tax evasion at best. So in pursuit of their careers Israeli politicians have two roles, the religious nutjobs to make sure there are revenue streams for their voter bases, which requires billions in US and German taxpayer donations, which would be harder to get if there was a peace. Particularly with the current economic situation. Normal Politicians so they can have the latest bullet proof Mercedes at government expense. Whilst a constant state of fear, ensures normal decent Israelis don't put their head above the parapat for fear of being called a terrorist supporter, a left winger, or a self hating Jew. All of which I presume you will be called by the end of this day. Think this is so outlandish? Terrorist is an epitath constantly used by Zionists and israeli firsters to justify the unjustifiable from stealing oxygen machines to killing 8 turks and 1 American in International waters, to killing people in Dubai using forged passports to the killing of 500 kids during Cast Lead, to granny stubbing her little toe to kids not been allowed colouring books, to not wanting to visit the White House without a military operation under your belt. Can't get care for your disabled daughter? Sorry can't help you terrorism you see, like my new chair it works on pressurised gas. Need that in case there is an act of terrorism, poor school grades not my fault that's down to the terrorist threat. Caught living the high life in Paris? Sorry but in the war against terrorism one simply can't eat and sleep in a three star hotel I need to be in at least a five star one. Sorry I must fly in a private jet, terrorist threat, can't possibly fly first class on EL AL like what the Australian Prime Minister does (OK she flies Quantas) For Israel screaming terrorism has become the standard excuse for politicians and state workers caught living the high life, to ensure those who complain can be disregarded and villified. Within the International community it is used to justify murder, disregard of international law, and 'we need money and we need it now'.

    from the article: The scarecrow
    First published 01:41 29.06.10 | Last updated 01:41 29.06.10
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